Ayurvedic Nutrition
How different is Ayurvedic nutrition from conventional nutrition?

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What is Ahara?

Anything we take-in to nourish our body and mind

· Food

· Water

· Breath

· Information through sense organs

Importance of Ahara
  • Food provides building blocks to create new Dhatus. Dhatus are the reservoir of the energy in different forms. Dhatus are constantly broken down to utilize energy. So replenishing good quality Dhatus is essential. For this, balanced food is important.
  • In Ayurveda, eating food is considered as a ritual as food not only nourishes the body but also nurtures the soul and the mind. Food is called as ‘Poornabrahma’.
  • Food energizes the Mind. It’s Sattvic, Rajasic, or Tamasic gunas depend on the food we consume.
  • Let my food be my medicine. Our health depends solely on the food we intake.
  • Strength, health, and our life depend on Agni. But Agni is also constantly replenished from the food we eat. So to maintain “Sama Agni” eating balanced food is essential.
  • Strength, energy, clarity of mind, radiance of skin, immunity and sharpness of senses depends on the food we eat.
  • Diet is very critical in disease state also. Many times wrong foods become the cause of the disease and the right foods, the treatment of the disease. So in health or in sickness eating right diet is very critical.
  • An important quote from Dr. Coop: “No disease can be cured unless supplemented by the right diet. About 90% of the diseases can be prevented by right diet alone”.

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