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I am Mrs. Mamata M. Patel resident surat, Gujarat(23 years old). Accidentally, my spine injured when my 2 years son was playing with a short iron pipe. I did not pay my attention to the injury. Initially, that’s experienced severe pain in my spine after four days. I consulted a doctor and took the medicines prescribed along with the ointment provided, but to no avail. Therefore, I consulted Ortho-surgeon. The X-ray of spine done by him on 13/12/2008. The report was Linear lucency in the L5-S1 pars interarticularis- spondylolysis – Grade II anterior lysthesis of L5 over S1 with moderate reduced L5-S1 disc space. I took treatment since one month, although no result. I wander here and their since nine months to cure, although no result.
Therefore, I consulted Neuro-surgeon and underwent MRI scan on 17/4/2009. Report: 1. Grade II spondylolithesis of the L5 vertebra over S1 with spondylolysis of L5 vertebra bilaterally.
2. Disc desiccation and diffuse posterior herniation at L5-S1 level causing mild bilateral neural foramina narrowing, indenting the thecal sac, exiting L5 and traversing S1 nerve roots bilaterally. I was operated upon & two screws were fitted in my spine on 1/11/2009. However, that operation only served to increase pain. Hence, I had to go a second operation after 1.5 month to removes the screws. It made we feel better, but the pain still remained. Further, I discovered that I could not control the movement of my left leg thumb as paralysis!!!(New problem develops).
After that, I turned to analgesics in an attempt to alleviate the pain, which used to increasing after doing journey and house hold work. I take lot attempts to cure here and their, but no result. I did Scan on 4/9/2010 repeatedly. Report: 1. Spondylolysthesis-(Grade-I) at L5-S1 level causing narrowing of bony spinal canal. 2. Spondylolysis at L5-S1 level. 3. L5-S1 Disc space reduced …? Disc lesion.
As a last attempt, I consult Vaidyaraj Amrutbhai Prajapati on 18/9/2010. At that time, I can not walk without support, can not stand without support, can not sit on foot; I can not climb on weight scale without support which height is only 3 inches!!! Even, I can not move to posterior portion on bed myself!!! Severe pain is there!!!

I take Panchakarma treatment and get relief fast. I get 90% relief from pain on 3/10/2010. I can move, walk, stand and sit!!! Now I practice to move front side which Neuro-surgeon had advised to do not move last year!!!