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SLE is a short form of Systemic lupus Erythematosus. According to allopath science lupus is an autoimmune disease characterized by acute and chronic inflammations of various tissue of the body. Autoimmune diseases are illness that occurs when the body tissues attacked on its own immune system.

Signs and symptoms:

Fatigue, low grade fever, muscle pain, ulcer at mouth and nose, loss of appetites, skin rashes (butterfly), arthritis, photosensitivity (unusual sensitivity of sunlight), inflammation of the lining that surroundings lungs(pleurisies) and the heart(pericarditis) can cause sharp chest pain, and poor circulation to the fingers and toes with cold exposure. Complications of organs involvement can lead to further symptoms that depend on organ affected and severity of the disease.

Skin manifestations are dark on face and scalp and some time it leads to scarring. These scars are usually painless and do not itch. SLE most harms to hearts, lungs, blood vessels, kidneys, joints, skin, liver and nervous system. The course of the disease is unpredictable, with period of illness alternating with remissions.

WBC and blood clotting factor is decreasing in SLE, known as leucopenia and thrombocytopenia.

This signs and symptoms are containing as Dhatugat jwar(fever) according to Ayurveda. We treated and cured SLE by Ayurveda.

One young woman named Miss Sandhya Rajaput got rid of SLE by Ayurveda. Let us see a complicated story in her words.

I am Mrs. Sandhya Rajput from Kalina Mumbai. There was fever to me in august, 2003 when I was twenty. The temperature was up and down, even after medication from various doctors and done lot of tests. Three months was gone, but there was no change. In addition, many complications was occurs as ulcer in mouth, fatigue, loss of appetite, body pain, anemia, joint pain, etc. I cannot do anything even ten steps walking!

After that, doctors diagnosed for SLE(Systemic Lupus Erythematosus). My condition was going to bad! I came to Vaidyaraj Amrutbhai Prajapati after six months when I was in bed totally. I was able to walk even ten steps after fifteen days’ treatment. I was normal after six months.

Now I am normal until today and having two children!

Jay Dhanvantari.

Treatment given: Abhyang, Swedana, Jwarnashaka Basti, Panchatikta Ghrutpan, Cap. Giloin, Cap. Mpcare, Mahasudarshana ghanvati, etc.

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