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Sickle cell is a type of blood disease that does not have any cure in allopath science and it is a genetic disease. The red blood cells assume the shape of a sickle; hence it is called sickle cell anemia. Hemoglobin of a patient suffering from sickle cell anemia is less then normal range. The sickle cells block the vessels at the joints and causes sever pain. Sometimes, even the intestine is blocked causing sever abdomen pain.

Ayurveda has total cure for this. Let us see one unique example from many in the patient’s own words,

My name is Mr. Khatu Tadvi, I am from Santarampur, district Panchmahal, Gujarat. I am a sickle cell anemia patient and was suffering from joint pain since childhood. I had to be admitted eight to ten times in a year due to severe pain. I had pain 250 days from 365 days of the year. My Hb(Hemoglobin) used to remain 8.0 gm normally, in absence of pain. When sever pain would start, the doctors would be forced to give me blood transfusions.

I came to Vaidyaraj Amrutbhai Prajapati in 1992 for treatment. I was 22 At that time and was admitted for sever pain and took blood transfusion once in a year after treatment of Panchakarma and Ayurveda, In stead of eight to ten times! I took this treatment for three years and took only milk as a food for three months. I got rid of pain since that.

I am quite normal until today, December 13, 2010. Now my Hb is 12.0 gm.

Jay Dhanvantari.

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