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Sama means with the ‘Aam’. Aam is the toxic that cause the disease like fever, pain, swellings, burnings, redness, itching, indigestions, low appetites, blackness, heaviness, diarrhea, omitting, constipation, etc.

How produce the toxic – Aam.

When one eat heavy food compare to his digestion power or more then his digestion power, some indigested food juice prepared and circulate in the body with blood serum. Whenever it find space and time to stay in specific region, it stop their. The mass collections of Aam obstruct the normal supply to the cells.

How the Aam cause the disease.

If the collections of Aam mix with the vata dosha, they cause pain, constipation, swellings, blackness, etc. If they mix with the pitta dosha, they cause burnings, redness, indigestions, diarrhea, etc. If they mix with the Kufa dosha, they cause itching, low appetites, heaviness, omitting, etc.

What is the affects of Aam in treatment.

We should not apply Panchakarma to the disease with Aam. If done, it may have adverse affects. Medicines have less effect to the disease with Aam. Therefore, Ayurveda describe the fundamental of Sama-Niram. If one ignore fundamentals, how he success?

How remove the toxic-Aam.

The first attempt is fast. Fast means to abstain from food. Its call ‘Upavas’ in India. One should take only filter water or boiled water or sunthi(dry ginger) water in fast. One can remains one to twenty days fast in medical supervision.

The second attempt to take food that consumes less digestion power like green grams’ soup, Murmurs, etc.

The third attempts to take medicines that stimulates appetites and digestion power like Lemon, Sunthi, ginger, piper, hing, Panchakol, Trikatu, Hingvastaka, Harada, etc.

How do fast proper way for good health?

One should take only filter water or boiled water in fast. One should take only green grams’ soup for what days he done fast. Then he should take only boiled green gram for what days he done fast. Then after slowly-slowly come on normal diet.

How many days remain fast for different problems?

Fever-3 days, Omitting - 1 day, diarrhea - 1 day, Headache – 1 day, Pain – 1 to 7 days, etc.

My guru Rajvaidya Rasiklal Parikh said that his guru Rajvaidya Prabhashankar Bhatt had done 17 days fast for burning micturition and bleeding with urine.

What is the benefit of the fast?

The ‘Aam’ will terminate in serum. The dosha(Toxins) will exit. The general primary problems will remove. The speed of disease will stop. Even many diseases will cure by fast. Ex. Fever, Omitting, Diarrhea, Headache, Muscular pain, Arthritis, Glands, Psoriasis, Acidity, Colitis, Appetites, Appendicitis, Wound, Itching, Skin disease, etc.

If one will not do fast, the dosha will go deep in the body. Those dosha cause the disease according to ayurveda.

When should medicine take?

If necessary, one should take medicines after fast (upavas).

Jay Dhanvantari.