Paralysis is a disease of vatprakop and obstructions. Therefore, if you control vat immediately by drinks a vatnashak Taila and apply vatnashak action as ware warm shawls, clothes, to press the body as acupressure and hit formations, it will cure immediately.

Therefore, we hope that if you inform us within 10 minutes about attacked of paralysis, we will cure it within an hour. If you inform us within an hour, we will cure it within a day. If you come to us within a day, we will cure it within a week. If you come later, it will hard and hard to cure. Because, the Vat is extending far inner part of the body if you late.

Paralysis cures by Panchkarma, Ayurvedic medicines, acupressure and exercise. See the examples:

One woman named Mrs. Kanchanben Patel 42 year’s old living at Lambe Hanuman Road, Surat, Gujarat cured within a day from attacked of paralysis. Let us see her husband Mr. Kanubhai’s word:

Suddenly, on 14th august 2003 at 5-30 pm my wife fall down with convulsions of hands and legs an attack of paralysis. Mostly, she is unconscious. Therefore, we called to Vaidyaraj Amutbhai Prajapati who is nearest to us. The blood pressure was very high 220/140 mm/hg. The same day at 11am, she feels uneasiness, headache, giddiness and vomit once at that time. However, after that she was normal.

The Vaidyaraj said that if we are late, there is brain hemorrhages will be occurring and we have to face the paralysis. There is ninety percent improvement after 3 hours treatment of Panchkarma and effect of Ayurvedic medicines. The blood pressure was quite normal and she feels better. She can walk slowly without any support. She identifies all and speaks well.

Next day morning, she is all right and CT SCAN Report normal. Until today she is normal.
Jay Dhanvantary.

Treatment given: first had drink 100ml Dashamooli Taila with warm water, given dry swedana by bhatthi, at the same time acupressure, cap. pressowin 2 at once. Next day, anuvasan basti, niruh basti, abhang, full body steambath and vatshamak medicine. Only Boiled greengram was given as a food.

See the second examples:

One woman named Mrs. Vasantben Paramar 40 year’s old living at Varachha, Surat, Gujarat cured by Ayurveda from attacked paralysis. We will see it by her husband Mr. Dhirubhai’s words:
Suddenly, on March 7 2003 my wife attacked paralysis from right side. She cannot speak, cannot walk or move. Therefore, she admitted in ICU at Mahavir Hospital, Surat. Her CT SCAN Report is infarcts at left temporal region. After 15 days, there was a little improvement only in speech. However, there was no change on effected part.

Therefore, we consult the Vaidyaraj Amrutbhai Prajapati and get start Panchkarma treatment and Ayurvedic medicines. She was improving day by day. She was all right after a year. She is well till Today.

Jay Dhanvantari.

Note: - We have many examples of such cases.

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