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A 35 years old patient, Mr. Sanjay Tandale (from Beed, Maharastra), experienced Sevier spinal pain on 12 June 2006. He underwent massage and heating treatments, and also tool certain medicines, all to no avail. He was unable to move without support. He cannot stand and sit at the time.

When the situation worsened, he consulted Neurosurgeons and underwent MRI SCAN. The scan revealed that he was suffering from ‘Sevier Lumbar Canal Stenosis. Posterior Central Protrusions of L1 – L2 in vertebral disc. Posterior Protrusions of L2 – L3, L3 – L4, L4 – L5 level. Sevier compression over L2 – L3, L3 – L4, L4 – L5. On the basis of this diagnosis the Neurosurgeon advised him to undergo an operation as early as possible.

Unwilling to undergo an operation, he visited Vaidyaraj Amrutbhai Prajapati to undergo a trial course for his ailment, which alleviated his pain within 3 days, also rendering him capable of movement without support. Thus, He decided to undergo panchakarma and was completely cured in 15 days.

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