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One lady patient named Mrs.Durga Balvam Kawde, 57 years old living at Basirganj, Beed, Maharastra cured by Ayurveda Panchkarma from Cervical Canal Stenosis. We will see it in her husband’s words.

Suddenly, one day my wife Durga cannot walk or move. She feel Sevier pain. Therefore, we called to doctor from Beed. He referred her to Auragabad Neurosurgeons.

On 3rd Jan. 2008 her MRI SCAN Report: Cervical Canal Stenosis at C3 – C4, C4 – C5 level. Diffuse Posterior bulge with Posterior Central Sequestration of C3 – C4 intervertebral disc with Inferior Migration of the Disc Material causing compression over Thecal sac, Spinal cord and Foraminal portions of C4 Nerve roots. Spinal cord compression with edema at C3 – C4, C4 – C5 level. Diffuse posterior bulge of C4 –C5 and C5 – C6 intervertebral disc with periodicals osteophytes causing compression over Thecal sac, Anterior surface of the spinal cord and Foraminal portions of C5, C6 Nerve roots.

Neurosurgeon had advised for surgery and said to deposit Rs. 80,000/- . However, we think about alternate and started Panchkarma by well-known Ayurvedic specialist. Though, only 10% result obtain within a month. Therefore, we consult Vaidyaraj Amrutbhai Prajapati. She can walk and move easily without any support within 3 days. She completed course of 15 days and cured.

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