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Called Pilia or kamala. All knows what is pilia. Now Allopath science has no actual treatment. Although, Ayurveda has!

Food: Green gram(Mag), horse gram(Shekela chana), Sugarcanes Chewing, Glucose.
Medicines: Giloy juice or Amruta powder or Sanshamani vati, Trifala with cow-urine, Aarogyavardhini vati, Yakrutdoshamrit Quath, etc.
Nasya: Devdalifal ras at early morning for three to seven days.
Vamana, Virechana as Dodha and bala.
Avoid- Milk , milky items, fruits, sweets, Ice and cold items, etc.

Let us see one unique example from many in the patient’s mother’s words,

My daughter is in Mumbai. She feels weakness since a week. Hence, she consults the doctor on 13-5-2011 and checks the blood for jaundice. The report is as below, SGPT- 1318, SGOT- 1469, Serum bilirubin total – 3.2, Serum bilirubin direct- 1.3, Serum bilirubin indirect – 1.9. She has been admitted at hospital as advised by doctor.

After a week, she checks blood on 18-5-2011. The report is as below, SGPT – 1170, Serum bilirubin total – 9.7, Serum bilirubin direct- 7.9, Serum bilirubin indirect – 1.8. she feels more weakness. Her eyes and palm seem more yellow. Her urine seems dark yellow.

Hence, I bring her at vadodara for ayurvedic treatment and consult Vaidyaraj Amrutbhai on 23-5-2011. He gives a nasya ( a therapy of panchakarma) of devdali a herb of ayurveda. One day at his clinic and two days at our home! He gives ayurvedic medicines also.

After taking that ayurvedic medicine and follow diet restriction since a week, we check the blood on 30-5-2011. The report is as below, SGPT- 90, SGOT- 152, Serum bilirubin total – 4.0, Serum bilirubin direct- 3.3, Serum bilirubin indirect – 0.7. We got wonderful result! Now all the reports are within normal limits after a week!