One patient named Mr. Manu Chopada 22 year’s old living at Anand vihar delhi cured from coma by only Panchkarma and Ayurveda. Let us see his history from his brother Mr. Suresh.
My brother joins with a charity mission. Therefore, He was going to Patna with his friends by road On March 2002 for canvassing. He was sleeping at the top of the car. The car had 80 km/h speed approximately. He was fall down with his clings due to accident. He felt severed headaches due to head injury. He saw to people to carry out their things. Therefore, he tried to far away with fear. Nevertheless, he had gone to unconscious.
However, when I saw him at Patna Civil Hospital, He was in Coma means unconscious! I had to face the shock! M.R.I. – CT SCAN Report shows mid line fracture and blood clotting in the region of temporal portion of the scalp. There was no improvement even attempt of three days and nights! Therefore, the team of doctors had decided to operate temporal head. However, we refused and carried him at Delhi.
Mean wile, we consult Vaidyaraj Amrutbhai Prajapati for his kind opinion. After saw all reports and checked him, he said that if you agree for taking Panchkarma treatment, he would cure without operation. At that time, Manu was in Coma and had rice tube for food in nose and second renal tube for urine. There were black spots seen at temporal regions as a sign of injury and blood clotting. However, we agreed for that.
He felt sense of drinking, eating, sitting, standing etc. within two days. How fast recovery was there! Therefore, we removed both tubes the renal and rice by doctor’s advice.
Even after four days, he cannot recognize to me or my mother, aunt etc. but he followed rightly what instructions the Vaidyji gave. I.e. walking, sitting, eating, opening the mouth etc. Thus, he had complete sense. Nevertheless, there was no returned memory.

On fifth day of Panchkarma treatment, after think so, Vaidji carried him at my home. As he came home, he went to bathroom, then went and let down on the bed in his room without any instruction or support. Fortunately, he recognized aunt, mother, me etc. Thus, the memory came back. On sixth day, there was no complain else headache. He is well until today December 12, 2010.

Jay Dhanvantari.