AVN Cured by Ayurveda - 2.

The second patient named Mr. Arvindbhai Patel 40 year’s old living at- Segava, district- Valsad, Gujarat suffering by AVN with sickles cell cured by Ayurveda. Let us see his history in his own words:
I am a labor who doing works in the farms at my village. Approximately, I knew that I have a sickles cells anemia since 1995. I had pain at joints of the body due to it. Nevertheless, I cannot bother it.
Doctor diagnosed for Avascular Necrosis after X-Ray on January 1997. I had admitted in civil hospital on February 1997. Ten bottles blood and hundreds bottles glucose had given to me within 40 days. However, there was no relief from pains. I was very weak and thin at that time. I had to done my personal work i.e. go to bath, urine, stool, eat, ware etc. only with the support of two persons. Without support I cannot move.

However, I had carried to Vaidyaraj Amrutbhai Prajapati only with support of four persons. After one month, I had carried to Vaidji with support of two persons. After three month, I came alone with support of sticks. I left all supports within a year. I can walk easily.

I had taken Ayurvedic medicines and only milk as foods since 5 years. After 2 year, I was well and I can do all labor’s works. Now I am well until today February 2, 2012.

Jay Dhanvantari.

Note: Many examples are here such cases.

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