Archanoid cyst

Treatment: First fast, then cleansing by panchakarma,
specially blood letting (shiravedh) and Nasya.

Medicine: Jiwan kalpamrut, Brahm Rasayan, Kanchanar Guggulu, Rohitak Ghrut, etc.

Let us see one example in his word. I am Mr. Paresh living at Indor-MP. I have headache at three or four days’ intervals since four or five years which was relief after taking analgesic medicines. Headache was particularly at the posterior portion. More over, the episode of headache with giddiness and vomiting started since two years in one to two months’ intervals! I had to hospitalize to relief! After two days, I got relief. Every times, all the investigation reports were absolutely normal!

After that, three months ago, MRI done. Report: Meangirat Cystic Lesion middle Posterior fosses at three forth ventricle posterior interior aspect. Archnoid cyst/ Neuro epithelial cyst/. Neurosurgeon had said that if I not do the operation of this cyst, cyst will increase and patient will have brain hemorrhaged paralysis and will go to coma also! More over, the operation is very risky and cannot say about that!!!

So, we have to think about alternate! However, we consult Vaidyaraj Amrutbhai Prajapati on 23rd July, 2010 and start fast and Panchakarma. I got relief from headache until today 2nd March, 2011 and I feel better! There was no any complain that to take analgesic medicines!!!

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