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    Basal joint surgery

    What is basal joint surgery??? What type of treatment is available for this in ayurveda???

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    The good thing about basal joint surgery. It can be performed on an outpatient basis and, with casts, splints and physical therapy, patients should recover fully within months.

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    Basal joint surgery,this type of the surgery was first time came into my knowledge and let give the chance for its study and then will give the comments for this accordingly and properly.Therefore wait until and unless is study is completed.

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    This was first time introduce about this kind of surgery so this thing gives more knowledge about this therefore it is better to follow all this one.
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    Please go through the following link for general information.


    Thumb Joint Artheritis is a vata disorder . Ayurvedic Treatment will depend on various factors like the age, lifestyle, food ,digestion etc of the patient and details of the diseases like the duration and severity.
    The patient should try yoga exercises
    Avoid eating vata promoting food like Brinjal , Beans, Peas, Cabbage, Cauliflower
    Keep your digestion proper by light warm food and exercise
    Have warm, fresh food. Add ginger, cloves, black pepper etc warm nature spices to the food.
    Avoid cold, dry heavy food.
    Ayurvedic Medicines should be prescribed according to the personal constitution and nature and stage of the disease.

    Dr Kanika Verma
    Ayurveda Consultant

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    Oh.. It is intolerable it seems and better you do it soon if pain is severe.

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