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    Cancer cured by Ayurveda

    One woman named Mrs. Shobhna Rajendra Relan 35 year’s old living at Nizampur, District Dhule, Maharastra cured from bone cancer in 1996. Let us see her history in own words:
    Approximately, in 1995 I feel pain in right hand. However, there was no relief after taking medicines from local and Dhule’s doctors. There was perceptive pain and inflammations occurred. Therefore, I was referring to Tata cancer hospital Bombay by the physicians of Dhule.

    The doctors show all the reports and diagnosed for bone cancer. He operated my hand and I get relief. Nevertheless, there was cancer’s sign in bone-scan, yet CAMO and Radiations completed. Therefore, they advised us for Ayurvedic treatment.

    We consulted Vaidyaraj Amrutbhai Prajapati and started Panchkarma and Ayurvedic medicines. After a year, there was no sign in bone-scan at Tata cancer hospital in follow up. I am normal until the date today 14, May 2012.

    Moreover, I had taken only milk as a food since three years at 1995 to 1999 approximately. I got child at 2001 even though, many MD-DGO had refused to conceive previously! Vaidyaraj said that it is our side benefits of Ayurveda treatment! Previous, we adapted my sister’s child as doctor’s advice. Now we have two.

    Jay Dhanvantari.

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    Ayurvedic medicine are very helpful for the good health it increasing the ability of the body and it has no side effect, it helps to control the cancer ayurveda can control the tumor, decrease its size, decrease pain and other symptoms and it affect the overall lifestyle of the person.

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    Ayurveda is a long process treatment. It take lot of time to recover. But Very effective and there is no side effect of this treatment.

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    There are number of species known in ayurveda best known for curing cancer.

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    The major difference between Ayurveda and other treatments is that instead of just focusing on temporary relief from the disease, Ayurvedic treatment aims at uprooting the illness completely. This is often a slow process and requires changes in lifestyle as well. This is one of the main reasons why Ayurveda is still considered as an alternate medicinal practice.

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