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    Experience Ayurveda!

    Kerala Ayurveda has an increasing popularity among locals and also tourists. There are treatments available for several diseases. Ayurvedic treatments are effective against many diseases that people are suffering from. There are elaborate procedures involved in the treatments. However, these treatments are harmless and improve the health of the persons seeking these treatments. There are also dietary supplements and other medications that can be used regularly to maintain the health of individuals. The Kerala ayurveda treatment are affordable and almost anyone can seek these treatments. Ayurveda has risen as a popular branch of medicine. It has been successful in healing various kinds of diseases. There are innumerable cures to various illnesses. Tourists and people from all over the country experiment these treatments. There are many vacationers who visit God’s own country and enjoy a thrilling vacation while seeking Ayurvedic treatments. Many people desire to experience various wellness treatments and therapies at Ayurvedic resorts. There are specific treatment plans for various illnesses, experienced Ayurvedic physicians conduct these treatments. Ayurvedic therapists conduct wellness treatments for stress related disorders and tensions. There are many wellness therapies conducted by therapists, tourists throng the wellness centres and Ayurvedic resorts for wellness treatments. Wellness treatments are appropriate for stress related diseases and tensions. There are many such issues related to stress and proper Ayurvedic therapies can improve the health of individuals. There are comfortable Ayurvedic resorts that can relieve stress and heal persons at reasonable costs.

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    Red face The Difficulty of an Ayurveda lifestyle

    I really don't see Ayurveda becoming anything more than an unusual, out of the main stream, esoteric, holistic form of health and healing because I don't see it fitting into the average person's lifestyle in just about any culture in the world these days. The demands of an ayurvedic lifestyle, other than the marketing of ayurveda resorts, spas, etc. (YUK!) really anathema to Ayurveda other than some pop fashionable trendy "thing" for the well-heeled, are far too rigorous and demanding of deep commitment.
    I can't see the almost total change of lifestyle required by Ayurveda to really help the masses. Even in my situation, I'm retired, and came to Ayurveda through a physical and mental breakdown that western medicine had nothing to offer except drugs and maybe psychcotherapy. I devote a good part of my day to maintain the diet, do the practices, yoga, meditation, pranayama, and some Chi Gong thrown in. Plus the special shopping required to find the right ingredients for one's diet. Plus the difficulty of living a "monkish" life style given the routine requirements of early to bed and early to rise that's hardly the norm of most people, and the lack of an Ayurvedic support group, other than maybe on-line to sustain oneself through this comprehensive and demanding way of life.
    So I would appreciate any comments and observations about this issue. Agree, disagree, but most of all, HELP!

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