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    Rose water eye drops

    Hello, does anyone know how to make eye drops from pure rose water? Should I mix it with saline? If yes, what are the proportions? Thank you!))

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    I heard about rose water eye drop but don't know how to make

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    If you don't have this eye drop then just take rose water drops in a clean cotton and keep that cotton on your eyes daily for about 15 minutes,all heat and irritation will disappear.I used to do it daily.
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    good one sweetie learned something finally and feeling good to read the forum

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    No need to do such a hard work...i also tried it once but then its not worth...then i found the company which makes natural products...they were also having rose water,so i purchased...and its actually good...i purchased from a nearby shop but if you guys want,you can order from here- qk.vc/qkqwsa

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    Rose water is really cooling and soothing for the eyes.

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    Natural rose water

    Hi, you can buy rose water which is 100%natural and safe to use for the eyes here- http://shopindia.pro/products/for-fa...ral-rose-water You can also use rose water while taking baths, it is useful in eliminating odor and cleansing skin. Hope this helps!

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    Rose water make excellent eyes wash. Rose water reduce stress and exhaustion that one feels after sitting for long hours in front of computer and television screens.

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