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Thread: Hair Problem

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    Use Aonla oil and satritha shampoo for hair treatment.

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    Neem oil has proven very useful in curing hair fall.

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    Hi i will give you some tips to overcome from hair fall
    1.apply lemon with pepper for five days in a week
    2.wash your hair daily before you to bed

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    If you want to take precautions for hair fall then you need to take following things like
    1. Eat yogurt daily.
    2. Eat green vegetables and fruits
    3. Drink a lot of water
    4. Take 1tbsp of aloe vera gel with pinch of cumin three times a day

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    Apply small onion juice on head it will get good results. It will take several months to grow up new hair. Don't go to the doctor treatment.

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    For hair problem u need to apply neem oil provided by ayurveda hospital which is nearby.

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    The diet to maintain balanced nutrition, which is good for your hair.Good luck!

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    Try using vegan products like Henna & Curry Shampoo Bar which can help you in treating all your problems! Know more about vegan products, just visit https://burstofhappyness.in/

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