I have been having a consistent bloating and gastric problems since last several years. Even with moderate physical activity, I am unable to lose much weight. The belly always looks bulged as if pregnant. I recently got to know about Gau Mutra Ark as medicine for many symptoms I seem to have. So, I started taking Gau Mutra Ark on my own.

1. The first day I took 50 mL mixed with same amount of water in the night before sleep.
2. The second day morning I took 25 mL mixed with same amount of water.
3. Third day I started taking only 10mL in water, as the first two dosages seemed pretty intense and I had a burning sensation all over.

One reaction I am observing is that I got too sleepy the first few days. Is this expected? Also, it is supposed to facilitate bowel movements, but even my normal bowel movements seemed to have stopped for the 2 days.

Please clarify if these kind of reactions are to be expected.