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    Forehead 'bumps'

    Hi everyone, first post on here....! I have been struggling with these forehead 'bumps' for quite a long time (photo attached). Until about 3 months ago I was just getting on with them as they weren't really that visible, only in sunlight. Since June they have really flared up. They can be quite 'grainy' to the touch, every now and then will be accompanied by a pimple, and I also have a few on my neck and under my ears. They are under the skin, but if I rub my fingers across my forehead then sometimes these sand-like grains come about as a result. I am aware of the link between the forehead and the digestive system. I do have a very sluggish digestive system and have been taking Triphala powder daily, as well as Chyawanprash. I eat well. Is anybody able to suggest anything to help? I am on the verge of going to see a doctor, but know that they'll just throw antibiotics at me. I really don't think this is acne, in the usual sense, but I'm scared it's going to take over my whole face. It's having a huge effect on my self-esteem. Any thoughts would be so very much appreciated. Thank you!
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