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    Lightbulb Fatigue and pain on left side.

    Hello all,

    I am new here. I wanted to join because my research has brought me to ayurveda. I saw a practioner but I could not follow the treatment she suggested because I cannot afford it.
    I have been suffering from the following symptoms :
    • Fatigue
      A mildly swollen lymph node
      Severe anxiety

    I followed a great lifestyle for a week and my symptoms disapeared until I got anxiety again and started eating watever and not following the rituals.
    I got back to feeling the same way.
    Something remarkable is I have a mild pain on my left side that comes and goes. It is located about 4 inches from my armpit) there is nothing swollen and nothing else hurts. Psychiatrists says it is due to anxiety.
    I went to a twice times and she thinks I am fine and that I have a mild rhinitis and that this is probably due to my anxiety. I am hoping to get some answers here to feel better.
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