Hi everyone! I am interested in studying Ayurveda and am researching more about it for my anthropology class! If you have the time, I would greatly appreciate T/F answers to these 20 statements!

1. Ayurveda follows the principle of “like cures like.”
2. Prescriptions can be applied universally.
3. Many used herbs often have convincing evidence.
4. When the tridosha are out of balance, they contribute to disease processes.
5. The tridosha govern all biological, psychological, and physiopathological functions.
6. Ayurveda aims at preserving the life of the healthy person.
7. Ayurveda aims at pacifying the diseases of the ailed ones.
8. “The soil is more important than the seed” underlies several Ayurvedic treatment strategies.
9. “No two individuals are alike” holds, even when they suffer from seemingly similar ailments.
10. Ayurvedic physicians mainly seek support from laboratory or imaging investigations.
11. A formulation’s medicinal power is due to a particular single plant extract.
12. Ayurveda does not include aspects of mythology, philosophy, and spiritual refinement as a part of its teachings.
13. Ayurveda focuses on preventing disease and optimizing vitality more than removing an illness.
14. People with the same disease receive the same medicine.
15. Ayurveda is concerned with eight principle branches of medicine.
16. Medical specialties are only addressed according to the theory of the tridosha or three bodily humors.
17. The capability of the individual to self-heal is a basic concept to Ayurveda.
18. Ayurveda does not take into consideration the inherent relationship between individual and cosmic spirit or cosmic consciousness.
19. Ayurveda does not teach that man is a universe within himself.
20. The five basic elements manifest in the human body as the tridosha.