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Thread: oily skin

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    oily skin

    i have a very oily skin. sometimes it look very greasy . i have so many pimple bumps on my cheeks and around my forehead.
    due to this i am afraid to try anything on my face..so i use nothing. i feel very helpless. so guys please help me out.

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    link of himalya product

    i use this company product for get rid from oily skin.

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    If you are suffering from oily skin then can go for natural homemade remedies such as apply aloe vera or homemade masks such as egg white mask and tomato mask. For egg white mask you need to mix egg white with lemon and for the tomato mask you need only tomato pulp.
    Apply these mixes on your face for some time and then later wash it with water. These home remedies are easily available and also very effective in dealing with oily skin.So go for these homemade remedies.

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