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    Smile Ayurvedic Hair Care

    Few tips and recipes given by famous ayurvedic physicians.

    Dos and Donts for healthy hair

    • A wide toothed, wooden comb reduces hair fall to a great extent.
    • Do not use chemical shampoos, hair dyes, conditioners,serums,hair styling gels, tools such as hair straighteners, blow dryers etc.
    • Use natural products such as herbal shampoos and masks, henna hair masks for natural hair dying.
    • Do not use hot water for head bath, use Luke warm or cold water.
    • Do not comb wet hair, let the hair dry naturally.
    • Trim hair every 6-8 weeks to promote healthy hair growth.
    • Sleep for at least 8 hours.

    Food for healthy hair

    • Avoid excessively spicy, salty and high on sugar content food.
    • Drink lots of water every day.
    • Take high protein diet like Paneer, tofu, soy products, milk and other healthy protein sources.
    • For non vegetarians, fish oil is great for healthy hair and scalp. You can also take well cooked meat.
    • Lamba Kesani For long hair - Take 20 gms of finely chopped radish,add 3 pinches of black pepper powder, 3 pinches of salt, mix well.Eat twice a day.
    • Use old tamarind (black tamarind) in your daily cooking.
    • Take a balanced diet with all the nutrients including minerals that are only found in fresh fruits and vegetables.
    • Exercise regularly, to suit your routine and body. It improves the blood circulation to the scalp and can be helpful in reducing hair fall.
    • Include vitamin C rich foods in diet like Amla, Oranges and many other citrus fruits.
    • Salads should include onion, garlic, broccoli, Brussels, turnip and other sulfur rich foods.
    • Being anemic can cause significant hair fall,take measures by consuming beetroot and Pomegranate juice.
    • Check the water that you use daily for external as well as internal usage.Use soft water for drinking and bathing.
    • Consume dry fruits and nuts,protein,fruits and vegetables.
    • Consuming an amla everyday reduces hair greying,can consume amla in the form of chutney,subzi,muraba.
    • Consume cows milk,bananas,olive oil in salads,raw honey,eggs.
    • Consume almonds,white sesame seeds,coconut in different forms for beautiful,soft and shiny hair.
    • A high protein and an iron rich diet is recommended for hair loss. An adequate intake of raw vegetables, fresh fruits, salads, green leafy vegetables should be included in the diet on a regular basis.

    Ayurveda shampoos

    Tamarind shampoo for beautiful hair

    Soak 1 year old tamarind (black tamarind)in little water, extract the juice.Apply to the hair, leave for some time and take head bath.

    Bharat shampoo

    Soak 15 grams of dried shikakai pieces and 15 grams of dried Amla pieces in 1/2 liter water overnight.Boil for 10 to 15 mins and strain.when it becomes luke warm apply to the scalp and hair, massage well & leave for 15 mins.Massage well again, pour water massage again, till done.

    Shampoo for soft hair

    Mix hibiscus leaves paste or red hibiscus flower paste with reeta juice,apply this homemade shampoo to hair n scalp.Scrub and rinse.

    Anti dandruff shampoo

    Mix neem leaves paste with reeta juice,apply this homemade shampoo to hair n scalp.Scrub and rinse.

    Amla Shampoo

    Mix together 2 tsps shikakai powder, 2 tsps amla powder, 2 lightly crushed reetha balls with 300 ml water.Bring to a boil for 15 mins.Remove from stove and let cool.Squeeze well to extract the juice from reetha balls.Strain and use as a shampoo.

    Shampoos for oily hair

    • Soap nuts (reeta) are good cleansers.Wash hair 2 to 3 times a week from the above mentioned herbal shampoos(Amla shampoo or anti dandruff shampoo or soft hair shampoo just increase the quantity of reeta a bit). Incase of itchiness and/or dandruff try the anti dandruff shampoo which helps get rid of scalp infections.
    • Reeta lemon shampoo - soak a cup of reeta powder/reeta balls overnight in a mug of soft water.Squeeze and strain the water in the morning and mix with a tbsp of lemon juice.Wet your hair and apply to scalp liberally and rub well.This creates froth.Wash your scalp with cold or lukewarm soft water till the froth leaves.Repeat twice or thrice a week as needed.

    Ayurveda hair masks

    For dense hair growth

    Pressure cook whole white urad dal into a dal type consistency.Let cool and grind into a smooth paste.Apply to the hair n scalp.leave for sometime and wash.

    For shiny hair

    Soak fenugreek seeds in water overnight,grind into a smooth paste.Apply to scalp and hair,leave for sometime and wash.This also helps eliminate dandruff.

    Ayurvedic hair mask for strong and healthy hair growth

    Mix 1 tsp shikakai powder, 1 tsp amla powder with a cup of curds.Marinate for 12 hours.Apply to scalp and hair.Leave for an hour.Wash hair with cold or luke warm water.

    Ayurvedic Hair mask for healthy and beautiful hair

    Mix 2 tbsp Amla powder,1 tbsp shikakai powder, 1 tbsp methi seed powder,juice of 1 lemon together in enough curds to make a smooth paste; let stand overnight.In the morning, apply this paste all over your hair and scalp; wash off after an hour.This strengthen your hair, detox your scalp, reduce hair fall and makes it shiny.

    Hair mask for shiny & beautiful Hair

    Twice a week gently massage your scalp with thin buttermilk,apply to every hair strand.Leave for an hour and take head bath with shikakai.

    For strengthening the hair roots to control hair loss,hair growth,silky hair

    Grind fresh fenugreek (methi) leaves into a fine paste.Apply to the hair and scalp.Wait till it dries and take head bath with bharat shampoo.This will turn rough hair into silky hair.

    Remedy for hair loss,white hair,dandruff,for strengthening the hair roots and promote hair growth

    Extract coconut milk from a tender coconut.Apply from the roots till the end.Leave for an hour.Wash hair with ayurveda shampoo.Repeat this twice a week.

    Hair mask remedies for split ends

    • Mix 1 egg,2 tsp almond oil,1 tsp olive oil,1 tsp sesame oil and/or mustard oil,1/2 tsp castor oil,4-5 drops of rosemary oil to get ride of egg odor (you can use lavender or peppermint oil),1 tsp of honey and 1 tbsp of yogurt (optional),1-2 tbsp of henna powder (optional) to make it into a hair pack.Apply to scalp and hair,wash hair after 45 mins to 1 hour with a mild shampoo.Repeat twice a week.This also promotes hair growth.
    • Peel and de seed a ripe Papaya, cut into pieces and grind into a pulp. Mix equal amount of papaya pulp and curds,whip until you obtain a smooth consistency. Apply this mixture all over the hair. Cover with a shower cap and leave for 45 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

    Hair mask remedy for grey hair

    Mix 1/2 cup curds, 1 tbsp black pepper powder, 1 tbsp lime juice in a bowl.Apply to the head, leave for 30 mins and wash.Repeat this for atleast 3 months.

    Ayurveda hair oil

    Hibiscus hair oil

    Mix equal amount of red hibiscus petal powder and virgin coconut oil/sesame oil, store in a glass jar.Luke warm little oil and massage it into the scalp every night before bed time, wash with a herbal ayurveda shampoo twice a week.This results in shiny and silky hair growth.Using sesame oil as a base to make this oil has a bonus benefit of eliminating dandruff.

    Anti dandruff lemon hair oil

    Mix 250 ml of pure coconut oil with juice of 3 lemons.Simmer on a slow flame for a while till all the moisture in the oil evaporates.Remove and strain.Store in a glass jar.Massage your scalp with this oil twice everyday.This also reduces hair loss, blackens the hair and promotes healthy hair growth.It also eliminates itchiness on the scalp and lice.

    Amla Hair oil

    Mix together 2 tbsp Amla powder, 1 tbsp methi seeds powder,1 cup pure coconut oil.Cook on a slow flame and keep stirring.As soon as it turns light brown remove from flame and keep aside to cool.Do not it let it turn black.Strain and store in a glass jar.This will last for 2 weeks.Warm the oil before applying to the hair and scalp.

    Hair oil remedies for grey hair

    • Powder 15 black pepper corns into a fine powder and add to 250 ml coconut oil.Simmer for a while on a slow flame.Remove and let cool,strain.store in a glass jar.Massage your scalp and hair gently with this oil everyday.Your grey hair will eventually turn black.
    • Mix a fist full of curry leaves to 3 tbsp coconut oil,cook on a slow flame.Remove and let cool,strain.Store in a glass jar.Apply to scalp and hair,massage for 15 mins and leave overnight or atleast 15 mins and take head bath with a mild shampoo.Repeat 2-3 times a week.
    • Mix 4 tbsp mustard oil in a pan with 1 tbsp methi seed powder and cook on a slow flame till the oil gets heated.Do not let the oil smoke.Remove and strain,store in a glass jar.Apply to scalp and hair regularly.

    Vanilla hair oil remedy for split ends and headache

    20 grams Vanilla beans are made into a paste with 200 ml water and mixed with 100 ml coconut oil.It is then cooked on a slow fire till all the moisture evaporates. It is removed,strained and stored in a glass jar.Alternatively you can use vanilla essence instead of vanilla bean paste.Add essence to the oil,warm it a bit and filter,proportions are 5 grams vanilla essence per 100 ml oil.This aromatic oil is applied regularly to repair split ends and arrest hair fall. Also helps to relieve from headache.

    Hair oil remedies for hair fall

    • Mix 1 tsp coconut oil,1 tsp castor oil,1 tsp mustard oil in a bowl.Bring water to a boil in a big vessel,place the oil bowl in it.The oil gets heated.Using a cotton ball apply to the hair roots.Leave for 2 hours and wash with a mild shampoo.
    • Pour 250 ml mustard oil in a kadai and keep it on a low flame,the oil must be kept on a low flame through out the entire process.Keep adding 80 grams of fresh henna leaves in small batches as they turn black.When all the leaves turn black,remove from heat,cool and strain.Store in a glass jar,apply to scalp regularly.

    - Follow the above tips,chose a hair oil,shampoo and a mask according to your need from the above ayurvedic home remedies and follow religiously for twice a week and be patient enough to reap benefits. Consult your family physician if these remedies do not work even after trying for 3-6 months, there could be an internal problem that needs to be dealt.
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