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    Yoga Posture for Pregnant Women

    Yoga teacher training is a provision for those who want to attain Yoga professionally. You will not attain job as Yoga teacher or yoga instructor until you receive certificate from professionals. Moreover, expertise in yoga is also important. Thus connect with experts at RYP and they start teaching you from Yoga and move further with other asana.

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    The pregnancy time is very crucial for the women's. There are some yoga posture which is beneficial for the pregnant women's. At the pregnancy time women's face many changes in their body. The yoga postures helps in health pregnancy and also connects with your baby.

    Yoga Posture for Pregnant women:
    1. Chair Pose
    2. Angle Pose
    3. Twisted Pose
    4. Ham's Pose
    5. Extended hand pose
    6. Butterfly Pose
    7. Mountain Pose
    8. Stick Pose

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