My first experience of Ayurvedic treatments was life changing. I am forever grateful for the deeply purifying and transforming process of panchakarma. However, I am also still confused, five years later: Because in addition to the massages, I was given a treatment consisting of being hugged by the Ayurvedic doctor for some minutes everyday. And the intensity and intimacy was increasing each day. From starting with a “calm” hug the first few days, to gradually evolving to being caressed by him on my breasts and private parts (with clothes on) at the end of the treatment period. I am still puzzled by this - though it helped to raise my sexual energy. But it has left me feeling confused and unclear about what went on. And it has made intimacy with others very difficult for me, after this event. The energetic impact was so powerful that it sort of blocked everything else. I haven’t had any partner since this happened.

Does anybody else have any similar experiences or could someone give me an explanation? Is this kind of treatment part of the Ayurvedic tradition?