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    How to get rd of knee pain?

    Hi friends,
    I'm a newbie to this forum. Happy to join this forum and glad to meet you all.

    As my parents have been suffering from severe knee pain, they had undergone an ayurvedic treatment. Now they are back home after the treatment As both of them cannot walk alone, I have arranged a nurse to assist them from one of the reputed companies that provide senior care services (https://www.c-care.ca/services/). I don't know how affective is the knee treatment. At times dad and mom say that they are feeling better. But at times, they say that their knees are paining and cannot walk because of the knee pain. How can the knee pain be cured? Do you guys have any idea? My mom was very heavy. In order to get rid of the knee pain she even reduced her weight following a strong diet. But nothing is turning useful. If you guys could share some ideas, it would be very useful. Thanks in advance.
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