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    is ashwagandha good for stress relief?

    its work ?? stress relief ?

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    Yes, Ashwagandha is good for stress. Ashwagandha is bitter in taste so tablets would be convenient than in any other form. We recommend periodic use of Ashwagandha, one can reduce the dose or discontinue the medicine once you are free from the symptoms.
    In market there are many ayurvedic medicines (tablets) for stress and are safe and effective. For better relief, one must follow healthy diet, maintain healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly. Practicing Yogasanas, Pranayama, Meditation are great supportive therapies

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    Yes, Ayurveda has many benefits. It treating the whole body from the roots. So, it can resolve physical and mental issues from the root. For best Ayurveda treatments and courses, visit: http://ayurvedaschool.in/Ayurvedic-Panchakarma-Treatment.html

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