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    is it Really Necessary to Eat breakfast under 7am to 9.30am?

    i had GERD from 3 years, then i got into Ayurveda, got much knowledge,
    then i heard Maharishi Vaghvat ji quotes from Rajiv Dixit videos.
    i started following as much i could, but my problem is,
    im doing Body Building, i need to break some rules of maharishi ji,
    i work in office then go to GYM at 9pm, 1 hour of Workout, then i eat protien rich food at 10.30pm, i sleep at 12.30am with milk..

    but my problem is i need atleast 7-8 hours sleep, sometime i woke up at 6am but sometime when i get heavy trained i woke up at 8am, i get late for breakfast,
    so my main issue was,
    if i dont eat under 7 am to 9.30am, would i defently become SICK?
    is it COMPULSORY to eat under that timing? does this rule also apply for body builders?
    i want to start eat at 10am is good time for me..
    im not eating regularly at 8 am because of tiredness..
    please help me...
    Btw by chance i woke up at 6am, i do ushapaan and 45 mins i drink aloevera and alva juice then after 30 mins, LIV38, this takes too much time,
    its really difficult for me to eat breakfast at under that time..
    also i suggest you to make forum so that people ask you for help.

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    It is compulsory , and info you have provided is very useful for youngsters now a days , Thankyou for this info.

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