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    We all want to be healthy and happy. Normally, people refer to health as being physically healthy with no diseases invading the body. But is good health only related to the physical body? Are there other factors that affect our human body? Yes, there are many factors that directly affect our body and good health. They are as follows:

    H- Harmony
    E- Eating habits
    A- Awareness
    L- Lifestyle
    T- Training
    H- Happiness

    Harmony means equilibrium in all areas of your life, be it family, relationships, colleagues, neighbors, and friends. Any angry or disturbing situation can cause upsets in your mind and health. Hypertension, palpitations, anxiety, loss of sleep, acidity, nervousness and many such conditions may result. While some of these situations may be temporary, some may be long term or chronic. Here, some alternative remedies prescribed can help overcome disharmonious circumstances, by applying healing methods to the cause and effect both. Therefore we must try to maintain peace and harmony at all times. Pranayama of the Yogic system can be of great help to overcome the external factors, and balance the mind-(By Dr. Rakesh Kumar) For more details tune in [url]www.ishwarcenter.org/[/url]

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    Adding an essence of Ayurveda to one’s lifestyle, a person can lead a healthy life.

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