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    Bodily constitution and treatment


    I'm a student of Ayurveda and new to this forum.

    My question is about the bodily constitution you get from birth. Should the aim of all treatment be to get you back to the bodily constitution you got from birth, for example high vata, moderate pitta and low kapha, or should treatments aim to balance the doshas equally no matter the birth constitution?

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    You may know your body well, yet do you know how it could be grouped in TCM? This delineated guide can help you lead a way of life that is more advantageous for your body sort.
    In TCM, each individual has an interesting body constitution, or body sort, which changes after some time. Your body constitution influences how you feel and carry on, and how your body reacts to reasons for disease. Undesirable wellbeing conditions and sicknesses emerge when the body winds up plainly imbalanced.

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