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    What are some Easy Weight Loss Tips?

    Weight loss mainly refers to reducing the number of calories. Experts suggest that weight loss plan that is a combination of diet and exercise has a great success rate. Some studies report that it is easier for anyone who is trying to lose weight to eat fewer calories than to burn the same amount with exercise. However, once you reduce the intake of calories, you need to maintain the weight with right exercise. Here we have listed some easy and natural ways to reduce weight.

    1. Eat lesser calories
    Weight loss and calorie counting is more of maths than science! Weight gain occurs when body consumes more amount of calories than it burns. So, to put it simply, reduce your intake of calories. Does it mean to reduce any source of calories? No! You need to reduce unhealthy sources of calories from your food. Fried foods, foods that are loaded with sugar or fat, provide excessive calories that make you gain weight. Start with a right diet plan. Reduce the amount of saturated fats and sugar from your diet. Include more fruits, vegetables and protein rich foods such as nuts and grains.

    2. Exercise regularly
    There is no excuse to exercise! Although you may stick to 70% diet and 30% exercise rule, some amount of exercise is needed to maintain the weight that you have achieved through dieting. Exercise also releases endorphins and makes you feel good. Stretching exercise is good to tone down the muscles and reduce flabbiness.

    3. Check out Ayurvedic weight loss therapies
    Ayurvedic weight loss programmes follow a multidimensional approach that includes diet, exercise and special therapies such as udvartanam and basti. Udvartanam is a special powder massage performed using coarse herbal powder. The massage strokes help to mobilise the stubborn fat deposited in the skin layers. Basti which also forms an important part of panchakarma detox treatments, help to eliminate the melted fat from the body.

    4. Consume green tea every day
    If you are a coffee of tea lover, replace it with a cup of green tea to speed up your weight loss. Green tea is one of the popular dietary ingredients that are known to speed up the process of weight loss. The polyphenolic components present in green tea are believed to reduce fat absorption. In addition, green tea can boost metabolism and increase the calorie breakdown by about 3-4%. Thus, regular consumption of green tea can help you to burn the fat even when you are at rest.

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    Eat Less Calories food and exercise daily. I you are suffering from Obesity then you are in a big problem. You can not control your body properly and loss your personality. If you are suffering from Obesity and looking for weight loss then i suggest you to take exercise daily and control over your diet what you eat and what kind of food you eat. You can also join the gym for daily exercise. green tea plays an important role in weight loss.
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