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    HELP! Combine granola with Yogurt or alternatives ?

    Hello there,
    I was wondering if someone could help me unterstand the rules of ayurveda and the diet a bit more. I always used to eat low fat yogurt with banana or berries and a bit of granola or oats, which never made any problems according to my digestion. But then I red that it is not a good combo though because of the fruit being much easier to digest than the cereal or yogurt and that it shouldn't be combined. But is it then okay or easy to digest if I eat low fat yogurt with plain oats or granola ? Or is it better to add almond or rice milk to my cereal ? I heard that carbohydrates and protein (yogurt) should better not be combined, but I love the combo :-(
    Any suggestions or explanation ?
    Thanks a lot !

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    Yes it is also a good combo for best health ..But i have also same doubt of yours.. !

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    Picking up that question...


    I have also started to be more careful in an ayurvedic way, considering food combinations.
    Ironically I am also still looking for the answer, if Oats, ( cooked in water, so oatmeal, porridge) can be eating with a bit of yogurt or not. Some sites say carbs and protein should be eaten separate, other sites say every meal should contain a bit of everything, meaning well balanced amount of protein, carbohydrates and fat.
    So is there a final suggestion on yogurt with cereals ( cooked in my case) ?

    also: Fruits are supposed to be consumed on their own. Does that also go for when they are cooked ? For instance cooked with the oatmeal ?

    Kind find the answer anywhere so happy to hear about suggestions


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