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    Ayurvedic tips for weight loss

    Reduce 20KG of weight in one week!

    Shocked,Isn’t it? Now let me tell you the real [URL="http://www.sharangdhar.com/ayurvedic-tips-for-weight-loss/"]ayurvedic tips for weight loss[/URL] !

    Every day we come across many such false advertisements. There isn’t any medicine in the world which can help this happen. Often the people selling such products instruct you to follow certain ayurvedic tips for weight loss diet which are in fact not at all according to Ayurveda.Still many of us fall prey to such exaggerated advertisements.

    Let us understand the “FACT” about “FATS” which in turn is the key factor for reducing weight. Same as how fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals are important nutrients as per modern science, the seven dhatus (Rasa dhatu, Raktadhatu, Mamsadhatu, Medadhatu, Asthidhatu, Majjadhatu, Shukradhatu) are considered the most important elements as per ancient Ayurveda. Overweight and obesity is not because of FATS but because of unwanted excess FATS.


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    The fundamentals of [URL="https://charak.com/ayurveda/"]Ayurveda[/URL] believe in treating each individual uniquely. The treatment approach
    varies from one individual to another. The most effective way to lose weight would first begin with
    finding out the reasons for weight gain. Associated conditions like Hypothyroid, PCOD need to be
    addressed through medications. In majority of cases wherein being overweight or obese is a life style
    disorder, medicines to improve one's metabolism need to be given. Ayurvedic line of treatment involves
    Panchakarma procedures like Virechana, Vamana, Basti to begin with. Oral medicines given post
    Panchakarma therapies, have a better chance at being effective. Medicines like Varunadi kashayam,
    Medohar vidangadi loha, Navaka Guggulu, Chandraprabha vati, Sukumaram Kashayam etc are
    prescribed. [URL="https://shop.charak.com/products/healthcare/general/obenyl-tablet/"]Obenyl tablet[/URL] is very effective for weight loss management.

    A visit to an Ayurvedic physician would be advised before taking any medicines for losing weight.
    Successful weight loss can only be achieved with combined practice of diet control, exercise and

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    Good information. Thanks for sharing it.

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    Ayuryoga Slimming Retreat, May - Sept 2017

    Our ayurveda centre is Green Leaf Certified by the Government which definitely will provide you the best ayurveda treatment in a traditional and authentic way.Our centre is well known as the best Ayurveda hospital and treatment centre in Kerala. We are delighted to welcome you to the holistic place to revive to wellness offered by our luxurious ayurveda health resort facilities.


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