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Thread: New to ayurveda

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    New to ayurveda


    I am looking to get into ayurveda. I suffer from anxiety, emotional disregulation, and obesity. Can anyone point me in the direction of good websites and books for beginners? Thank you.

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    Body Thrive

    Hi there,

    I have been studying Ayurveda for over 3 years now, and think that the best book, hands down, is Body Thrive by Cate Stillman. She has a wonderful way of really distilling some of the complexities of Ayurveda into 10 habits, while really maintaining the essence of these concepts. Ayuveda has helped me overcome depression and anxiety and helped me to lose the "ama" that was in my body so that I am now at my normal weight. Check it out. Wishing you health and healing!

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    Ayurveda is a holistic science of healing which is premised upon the mind-body connection and offers a wealth of knowledge on how to maintain health, balance and viatility. It primarily focuses on personalised health. It is person-centeresd medicines which deals with healthy lifestyle, healthy food, sustenance of health and disease prevention. It offers safest and efficient way of living to keep the diseases away. Read more at [url]https://charak.com/ayurveda/[/url]

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    Lemon is used extensively in Ayurveda. It is used in food, in medicine and also in purification procedure of metalling Ayurvedic ingredients. For medicinal purpose, it is used predominantly in digestive disorders. Botanical name of lemon is Citrus medica, it belongs to Rutaceae family.

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