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    Question Dandruff and sore, irritated scalp

    For the past 2 months I have experienced quite sever dandruff that results in sore scabs on my scalp and produce pus when I scratch it. I have tried applying fenugreek seed paste and washing it off with gram flour a couple of times. The strange thing is I have never had dandruff this bad, and it only began when I stopped using commercial shampoos and started using gram flour to wash my hair. I also use tea tree oil and coconut oil to massage my scalp but have not really noticed any improvement. I was wondering if anyone knew of any Ayurvedic remedies or could identify something I may be doing incorrectly?

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    Please stop using paste as it is not helping you. You should have used fenugreek seed soaked water in place of paste. Simply start using mixture of Neem Oil 20 ml + Karanj oil 20 ml + Tea tree oil 10 ml + Japa oil 20 ml + Almond oil 30 ml and wash with mild [URL="https://shop.charak.com/products/personal-care/moha-anti-dandruff-shampoo/"]herbal shampoo[/URL] or decoction of Reetha + Shikakai + Amla.

    Few simple tips to follow:

    1. One should include plenty of vitamin B in the diet - Nutritional yeast and raw wheat germ are two excellent sources of vitamin B, especially vitamin B6 which plays an important role in controlling the dandruff.
    2.Eggs, cabbage also provide vitamin B6 in addition to supplying sulphur which is nature's beauty mineral for the scalp.
    3.Watch your diet. Dairy products, fatty foods, seafood, and excessive sugar have all been shown to make dandruff worse.
    4. A keypoint to remember is to select the mildest shampoo possible. Detergent based shampoos would clean the hair and scalp well but often cause drying and will make the flaking worse. Harsh shampoos would just cause the sebaceous glands to over compensate by producing more oil than necessary. Be sure to rinse thoroughly; shampoo and soap residue can actually aggravate skin problems. Let your hair dry naturally instead of blowing it dry.
    5.Briskly massaging your scalp with coconut oil or tea tree oil will improve circulation of the scalp.
    6. Improve blood circulation by alternating hot and cold water on the scalp.
    7.Brushing your hair with a natural-bristle brush also proves beneficial.* Brush your hair from your scalp outward with steady, firm strokes. This will carry oil from your scalp, where it can cause dandruff, along the hair strands, which need the oil to stay shiny and healthy.

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