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    Symptoms of diabetes

    Can anyone tell me what are the symptoms of diabetes...? And how we take control on diabetes..?
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    Symptoms may include increased thirst, frequent urination, hunger, fatique and blured vision

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    Symptoms of diabetes include unusual excessive hunger and thirst, increased urination - sometimes every hour, unusual weight loss or gain, excessive tiredness, nausea or vomiting, blurred vision, itchy skin. Being proactive and taking the steps to help deter diabetes from developing or at least decreasing the symptoms should be the focus. Diabetes can be controlled naturally with diet and exercise. Moderation is the key. It's not about focusing on what you can't eat, but make sure that you eat healthy.

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    Thank you for sharing such useful information, my husbands grand father is diabetic patient as he was assisted living NJ I had no idea how take care of him. But with the above shared information it will be easy for me to help him when he will come home to stay with us for few days.

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    Over the top thirst and yearning.

    Visit pee (from urinary tract contaminations or kidney issues)

    Weight reduction or gain.



    Obscured vision.

    Moderate mending wounds.

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    Diabetes is the common problem in all over the world. Many people face the issue of diabetes in their life. The symptoms of diabetes are given below:

    1. Felling thirsty
    2. Blurry Vision
    3. Extreme fatigue
    4. Urinating often
    5. Pain in hand and feet

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