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    Best treatment for hairs?

    I want my hair straight and shiny with no side effects...
    Please suggest some home remedies for this. Or if you know any [URL="http://www.ayurveddoctor.com"]best ayurvedic doctor in India[/URL] then also tell me...
    Any help will we highly appreciated...

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    Thanks for sharing this.

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    Nice information.

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    Thank you for sharing.

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    Hair loss is a problem that many people suffer from.
    The first step that you can take to reduce hair loss is to massage your scalp with appropriate hair oil. Proper hair and scalp massage will increase blood flow to
    the hair follicles, condition the scalp, and enhance the strength of your hair’s roots. It will also*promote relaxation*and reduce feelings of stress.
    You can use hair oils like coconut or almond oil, olive oil, castor oil, amla oil etc.

    Try this few natural home remedies for hair fall:

    a)For natural and fast hair growth, you can use Indian gooseberry, also known as amla. Indian gooseberry is rich in vitamin C, of which a deficiency in the body can cause
    hair loss.

    b)Fenugreek, also known as methi, is highly effective in [URL="https://ask.charak.com/diseases-conditions/hair-loss-alopecia-baldness/"]treating hair loss[/URL]. Fenugreek seeds contain hormone antecedents that enhance hair growth and help rebuild hair

    c)Aloe vera contains enzymes that directly promote healthy hair growth. Also, its alkalizing properties can help bring the scalp and hair’s pH to a more desirable level,
    which can greatly promote hair growth.

    d)Green tea revitalizes hair follicles and stimulates hair production. It also enhances your metabolism which ultimately leads to increased rate of hair growth.*

    e)Stress is the root cause of a lot of - One of the major problems is hair loss. Include meditation in your daily routine and get rid of this irritant.

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