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Thread: Why ayurveda

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    I am new to Ayurveda and do not know much about it. I am interested in understanding why more and more people in India are shifting from allopathy and choosing Ayurveda in their daily life, especially using Patanjali products. What do you think people feel when they start using Ayurvedic products and therapies, and how is it linked to yoga?

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    Ayurveda is great, but similar things exist all over the world

    I am a chronic disease Patient and I have tried lots of Things in my life to get rid of my health challenges. I went to three ayurvedic doctors in total and realized it is a Lifestyle, much more than a Medicine which can be taken and which heals you quickly as we are used to in the Western World.
    However, our lives have not always been like that and we did not always have the opportunities to cure with Penicillin, chemotherapy and whatever...So, hundred years ago (and less) People in Europe would rely on traditional herbal Treatments, homecooked meals, organic Food and a moderate Lifestyle as well. In my grandmothers Generation I dont know of anyone in our Family with allergies or autoimmune diseases.


    I would love to do a 4 week ayurvedic retreat in India, but I know I wouldnt be able to continue living in that way at home. I could try...but it wouldnt work on the Long run. Ist sad because I kn ow that all the advice is true...and works...
    Ayurveda and chinese medicine were the only remedy for my terrible night sweats for example.


    I think if you consider Ayurveda a Lifestyle concept you can not be "for" or "against" it...you can only opt to go for it....or not.

    Love from Teresita
    a leukemia Patient
    chronic Asthma Patient
    anemia Patient

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    Ayurveda is a holistic science of healing which is premised upon the mind-body connection and offers a wealth of knowledge on how to maintain health, balance and viatility. It primarily focuses on personalised health. It is person-centeresd medicines which deals with healthy lifestyle, healthy food, sustenance of health and disease prevention. It offers safest and efficient way of living to keep the diseases away. Read more at https://charak.com/ayurveda/

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    Talking Ayurveda

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    They do all kind of ayurveda like panchakarma n ol..
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    Ayurveda Treatment describes the process of life as a highly dynamic one where the different functions in the body are harmoniously integrated. Ayurveda has a very holistic concept comprising of various approaches to help the body re-establish the harmony by addressing the problem at the different levels. It aims at improving the overall health,at the same time treating the underlying condition and symptoms.

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    Ayurveda, the Indian medicinal form being practiced for several decades and know for ultimate treatments are now available at Ayurveda Doctors. Based on Punchtatva, the herbal medicine form tells us the whole system including body is made from 5 ornamental elements and any dysfunction of any element causes noxiousness to our body and this is where homeopath comes to the action. for more visit: http://ayurvedadoctors.in/

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    Ayurveda gives you a chance to make your own medicines in the event that you know the correct way to do it. Ayurveda is been utilized from begining of human and till to date and is extremely successful.

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    because it only free from side effects and also permanent cure..But it takes time..

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    Ayurveda is considered to be one of the oldest healing science with a legacy of a 5,000-year-old system of natural healing thatís truly stood the test of time. Ayurvedic medicine is based on the premise that there are three doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha and that disease and illness originate from an imbalance in the three energies.

    In my opinion, not only does Ayurveda work, Ayurvedic medicines help people live long, healthy and balanced lives without the need for prescription drugs, complicated surgeries or suffering through painful conditions.

    Why Ayurveda ?

    One of the fundamental principles of Ayurveda is to treat a patient on a holistic level. Instead of just providing relief from symptoms, it identifies the root cause of the disease and aims to give you a permanent cure, wherever possible. Instead of a short-term cure and instant relief, Ayurveda focuses on giving you long-term health and well-being, which is bound to take some time.

    Get the best Ayurvedic treatment in Mumbai from experienced Ayurvedic doctors at Dr. Vaidya's - A specialty ayurvedic clinic dedicated to curing your ailments.

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