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    Please help!! Good nadi Vaidya in Delhi Ncr

    i am suffering from stomach ailment for the past 12 years , i have tried various form of treatment but nothing helped.. i am feeling hopeless , please if you know a good ayurvedic vaid (preferably in delhi ncr area) let me know , god will help you !!

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    Smile Please see Dr.Triguna a nadi vaidya in Delhi.He is excellent and will cure you

    Please consult Dr.Devendra Triguna.He is a nadi vaidya and sits at two places in Delhi One is Bhogal and other is Sarai Kale Khan.
    He is a very reputed Ayurvedic doctor and will definitely cure you as I have myself taken his treatment for stomach ailments.
    He is very famous and you will get his full address from a blog called "I am Kaivi"

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    For how many days did you take the medicines for stomach problems. What were the precautions you took.

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    if you have no issue plz do visit kerela. there ayurveda doctors are good
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    I will tell you ayurved in Rishikesh, once i conformed with granpa.

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