At this stage the circulating dosha get deposited at particular place of the body where there is obstruction in circulation and disease developed according to the involvement of shrotosha (Channel)

• Overflowing toxins migrate, entering and taking refuge in localized, weak or defective dhatus ( basic components of body) thereby leading to malfunction and structural damage.
• It is from here that specific degenerating disease and susceptibilities to serious infections begin.

Sthana Samshraya (Stage of disease augmentation) – It is the fourth phase of Shat kriya kala. In Ayurveda it is also known as the Dosha-Dushaya samurchana stage or Samprapti stage or stage of disease augmentation. Sthana samshraya literaly means taking shelter in a place. The aama that has migrated from the gastrointestinal tract enters and lodges in a defective and weak dhatu. Once the aama accumulates in an area of low immunity, its basic qualities overwhelm the Dhatu and it causes dysfunction and structural damage of the body. It is the stage in which specific susceptibility to serious infections or degenerative diseases start. Several factors determine which specific Dhatus are predisposed to accept and be damaged by aama. A combination of the common factors like effects from previous illnesses, seasonal changes, stress, effects from past diet and behavioral choices, radiation and chemical pollutants, etc. produces weakness which opens certain tissues to diseases.