The process of pouring any liquid from a specific pot on one’s forehead. Commonly practiced in natural herbal remedy treatments.

Literally it means poring of a liquid on the forehead in a continuous stream. According to the type of liquid used, Sirodhara can be classified into three.

  1. Thailadhara – Sirodara with medicated oil.
  2. Thakradhara – Sirodhara with medicated buttermilk.
  3. Ksheeradhara – Sirodhara with medicated milk.

According to the liquid used, the effect will be different. Thailadhara is good for various types of nervous disorders like hemiplegia, facial palsy etc. Thakaradhara is good for various skin diseases, sleeplessness, stress and insanity. And Ksheeradhara is good for making the head cool for insomania.