Sanchaya (Accumulation of Dosha)

Ex. Seasonal: In Northern Solstice – spring and summer solstice. When sun rays increase, increases tej and vayu guna. In Southern Solstice – fall and winter – pruthvi and aap increasing – cooling properties of kapha coming to the surface – accumulation of kapha due to seasonal. Whatever kapha is accumulated in body, when sun comes out in spring will travel from sanchaya to prakopa. Spring is the season kapha increases from sanchaya to prakopa, summer is the season kapha decreases from prakopa to sanchaya through prashama.

At this stage the quantum of dosha increases within the dwelling place and signs and symptoms of the disease are seen and patient wishes to do activities that are opposite to the causative factor.

• Weak digestive power and excess of dosha is responsible for such a condition.
• Toxins (ama) produced by improper digestion collects in the gastro-intestinal (GI) tract.
• Toxins resulting from a Kapha imbalance accumulates in the stomach, those associated with a Pitta imbalance collects in the small intestine, and that related to Vata malfunction amasses in the colon.
• Due to the presence of one of these toxins, mild and ill-defined symptoms may show.
• We should recognize and eliminate the cause instead of ignoring or suppressing it.
• Causes aversion to similar things and attraction for contraries.