Literally means rejuvenation i.e. the therapy that rejuvenates or regenerates body- mind, prevents decay and postpones aging.

Rejuvenative tonic; nourishes all dhatus and builds ojas. A specialized form of tonification that follows purification such as pancha karma; a special term meaning “that which promotes
longevity by preventing aging and by making the body young again”. Also called pashat krama.

The term Rasayana comprises of two words,I,e Rasa and Ayana, Rasa signifies either Rasa Rakthadi Dhatus (tissues) of the body, Ayana convey the sense of Apyayana, which suggest a measure or methodology to saturate or enrich or conduct a special benefit to the body .Based on these principle, it has been said that one which capacity to enrich the Sapthadhatu of the body or the drugs possessing the qualities to saturate or replenish the Dhatu (tissues). Precisely stated as drug or food which has capacity to prevent ageing, improves longevity, provide immunity against the diseases, promote mental competence, increase vitality and luster of the body.