Prakopa (More accumulation) – and comes back to Sanchaya and Prasara levels. This process of natural reduction is called Prashama. At the level of Prakopa, it returns to natural levels if we follow certain rules. Specifically in winter, eat good amounts of good food to increase strength. It’s the time of year to replenish dhatus and gain overall strength – agni is good and whatever we eat gets more easily digested, but also requires proper amount of exercise so that excess kapha isn’t created. Exercise helps to limit the kapha in the body and then when the next season comes, kapha liquefies and tries to get out of body. People blame on allergies, but really its excess accumulation of kapha without exercise. So follow seasonal regimen and come back to Prasara naturally. Eating fermented yeasty things helps increase kapha. Not always related to the season – even in summer if you eat heavy things, sleep in the daytime etc, kapha can over accumulate and overflow and reach the weak spots in the body which can form disease.

This refers to further increase of the in the quantum of dosha, which tends to come out of its ashaya (dwelling place).

• The accumulated, stagnant doshas are now `excited’ by factors as Ahara (Diet), vihara (Conduct) & seasons.
• The toxins amass in such degree to get provoked in the site of production in the GI tract.