Referring to the meaning Vigor, strength and vitality. Acting a most important role as essence to all the bodily tissues or ‘Dhatus’, the Ojas, proved by both Ayurveda medicine studies and other scientific research centers to be a protoplasmic substance. The Ojas also contains the albumin and globulin formed during the biosynthesis of the body’s tissue.

History of herbal medicine through the ages has thought us that this protoplasmic substance found in the human body is the pure essence of the ‘Dhatus’ (tissue) as the Ghee is the pure essence of milk. This assimilation used in Ayurveda care herbal remedies’ documentation, is used to simplify the explanation of the ‘Ojas’;

The ‘Ghee’ is an essence extracted by churning the milk together with water, in which process ‘agni’ and electricity are generated, ionizing and separating butter molecules from the milk. This process, although not exactly identical, is reproduced in the body forming and resulting in the production of ‘Ojas’ according to herbal medicines’ inscriptions.

To be more precise on the body’s process, the residue from digested food together with body heat (agni) produce the nutritional precursor known in health herbal reports as ‘Ahar Rasa’, where soon afterwards the immature ‘Rasa’ reaches the mature counter part. During this bodily processing, for which many various herbal remedies and Ayurveda herb prescriptions for facilitating and enhancing this process are available, the ‘Ojas’ are created together with ‘Dhatu’s’ waste particles.

The subtle immune system; the essence that gives the tissues and the mind strength and endurance; the force that keeps the tissues healthy. Composed primarily of earth and water
(qualities similar to kapha). Produced from the essence of shukra. When strong, no disease can affect the body. The energetic template of kapha.

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