Moringa Oleifera

Indian Herbs :
Moringa Oleifera

Family Name:

Botanical Name:
Moringa Oleifera

Common Name:
Moringa, Horse Radish Tree, Drumstick Tree, Sahijan

Part Used:
Roots, Leaves, Seeds.

Allover India

Moringa Oleifera’ roots are used for treating anorexia, verminous, dyspepsia, diarrhoea, flatulence, colic, amenorrhea, inflammations, paralysis, fever, dysmenorrhoea, strangury, vesicle etc. Other uses of this medicine are treatment of cough, pectoral diseases, splenomegaly, bronchitis, cardiopathy, asthma, epilepsy etc. Leaves of this herb are natural source of vitamin A and C and used for curing scurvy, helminthasis, tumors, wounds, inflammations etc.