Sanskrit: Kapikachhu,Atmagupta
Hindi: Kavach
English: Cowitch or Cowhage plant

Plant part used: Seeds, root, legumes

Characteristic : Annual climbing shrub common in the tropics of India, legume are eaten as vegetable

Tissues: Reproductive

Systems: Nervous, reproductive

Action: Anthelmintic, Aphrodisiac, astringent, nervine, tonic, rejuvenative,(root is nervine/tonic)

Uses: Seeds – Main herb for parkinson’s. One of the best tonics and aphrodisiacs for reproductive system. Indisgestion, colic, debility, edema, impotence, infertility, leukorrhea, menorrhagia, roundworm,spermatorrhea. Generally, it is used with amalaki, ashwaghandha, shatavari,goksura, black and white musali to make pills and jellies. Roots-fevers, edema, elephantiasis (externally), nervous disorders, including facial paralysis.

Precautions: Do not use when congested
Preparation: Decoction,powder,confections