Curcuma Longa

Indian Herbs :
Curcuma Longa

Family Name:

Botanical Name:
Curcuma Longa

Common Name:
Terre-merite, Terra Merita, Turmeric, Curcuma, Safran Boubou, Safran De Malabar, Safran Des Indes.

Part Used:
Leaves, Flowers, Roots.

In allover India with tropical climate.

This herb is widely used in foods and also used in Ayurvedic systems of medicine. Roots of this herb are used for curing gastrointestinal upset, digestive disorders, arthritic pain, atherosclerosis, osteoarthritis, cancer and liver problems. Some other uses of this medicine are to provide energy to all body, regulate menstruation, relieve gas, dissolve gallstones, dispel worms, arthritis. This herb is used for curing liver effects and several infections.