Cordyceps Sinensis

Indian Herbs :
Cordyceps Sinensis

Family Name:

Botanical Name:
Cordyceps Sinensis

Common Name:
Cordyceps Mushroom, Caterpillar Fungus, Chongcao, Deer Fungus Parasite

Part Used:

Himalaya mountains of India, Tibet, China.

Cordyceps Sinensis is very useful in various diseases such as hypoglycemic, immunologic, antiarrythmic, antieoplastic and erythropoietic effects. This herb is also used in the treatment of neurasthenia, irregular menstruation, tuberculosis, backache cough, lower back pain, anemia and infertility. This is also used in organ transparent surgery, treatment of viral hepatitis and lupus. This medicine is also used for fighting against stress, lower blood pressure, control blood sugar levels, reduce cancer risk.