Hindi Name:Babool, Keekar
Sanskrit Name:Babula
Common Name:Indian Gum Arabic, Babul
Latin Name:Acacia arabica Willd

Babool; Acacia arabica possesses astringent property which makes it very useful in bleeding disorders like bloody diarrhea and excessive bleeding during menstrual cycle.

It is also of great use in dental problems. Babool possesses anti diabetic properties and often recommended for proper union of fractured bones and also for strengthening otherwise healthy bones.

Medicinal Properties:Bark, fruit and oleo gum resin are used in various Ayurvedic preparations. Babul bark finds its primary applications in oral & dental hygiene products, burn injuries and in skin diseases. Being an astringent, twigs of Babula have been used in India as natural toothbrushes in prevention of bleeding gums. In burn injuries, use of Babula bark powder has been as it stimulates the healing process of burn injuries and controls the scar formation. Internal use of Babula is advised in treatment of skin diseases, diarrhea, premature ejaculation, piles and general debility. In Ayurveda the decoction of Babula bark is used for cleaning of old and infected wounds.